Digital Karaoke!

Host your karaoke show from your laptop computer using
Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2.

Host your karaoke show from your laptop computer.   Transfer all your karaoke songs to your computer hard drive and host your show using Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2.

You can play Zipped Mp3/CD+G Karaoke Files from your computer.   This program has a built in database that allows you to search your computer for songs to add to the Play List.  No more carrying cds around or looking through cds for a song!

Great news !!

Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2 released
July 30, 2017.

Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2 allows you to run your show on a separate display.   If you have a second dispay window configured, you can run your program on your laptop, and use the second display for your Song Lyrics and the Next Singer Screen.     More info...

Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2 is written in Java.  The Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications.  If you do not have the JRE, you can download and install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8.0 to run our software.

Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2 runs on Microsoft Windows and Java 8.

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