Karaoke Zip Player

The Gateway151 Karaoke Zip Player is a FREE program which allows you to play Zipped Mp3/CD+G Karaoke Files as well as Unzipped Mp3 Files on your computer.  

It's simple to use.

With Drap N Drop, you just select the folder or file you would like to queue, drop it right onto the Play List, and double click on the song you'd like to play.

You can add tracks to the Play List by dragging and dropping folders or files from your computer right to the Play List area, or by using the file chooser to select the directories and files you would like to add.

Click to enlarge image Product Features:

In order to use Debs Pro Karaoke Player, you must first have Winamp and a MP3+G Plug-in installed on your computer.   You can download a free version of the latest Winamp from      http://www.winamp.com

You can download the MP3+G Plug-in for Winamp from      http://www.physysteme.com

One of the features of the Gateway151 Karaoke Zip Player is a Key Changer.  To use this functionality, you will need the latest version of the Pacemaker Plug-in which can be downloaded from    http://www.surina.net/pacemaker

Download the latest FREE version, updated on February 18, 2008.

Just released !!

Download Gateway151 Karaoke Zip Player v2.3

This is a free tool distributed on as is basis.

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Update History:

February 18, 2008

  • Fixed bug extracting Zip Files.

  • Updated link to Debs Software Home Page

  • June 14, 2007

  • Opens Winamp when the program starts.

  • Modified Website label

  • [Debs Software Home Page]