Debs Karaoke Renamer

Debs Karaoke Renamer is a free tool which allows you to quickly rename multiple Karaoke Zip Files.

The Renamer offers a multiple or single-file mode which allows you to select multiple folders and files, or simply an individual file to be renamed.  This tool can literally save you hours by allowing you to include subdirectories, and recursively renaming multiple files in one process.

There are built in options for cleaning up messy karaoke file names, replacing underscores with spaces, formating dashes and dividers, removing double spaces, capitalizing, and lots more...

** Version 2.0 added the ability to rename folders and labels.

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To use the Renamer, simply select the folder that contains the files you'd like to rename, select any additional options from the preferences menu, and click the Rename button.


Old File Name:  sc8202_04_-_ides_of_march,

Renamed To:     SC8202-04 - Ides Of March, The -

Download the latest FREE version, updated on November 17, 2007.

This is a free tool distributed on as is basis.

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