Debs Pro Karaoke Player

Host your karaoke show from your laptop computer using
Debs Pro Karaoke Player!

You can play Zipped Mp3/CD+G Karaoke Files from your computer.  This program has a built in database that allows you to search your computer for songs to add to the Play List.   No more carrying cds around or looking through cds for a song!

Debs Pro Karaoke Player allows you to run your show on a separate display.   If you have a second dispay window configured, you can run your program on your laptop, and use the second display for your Song Lyrics and the Next Singer Screen.

It's simple to use.

Create a Database list of your Karaoke songs.  ** No need to specify any file format when building a database.   Simply select the directory containing your Karaoke files, and all the zip and mp3 files from that folder will be listed in the Database.   Select the Search Button, enter any word pattern, and search for your favorite songs.   Double-click the song, and it will be queued in the Play List.

With Drap N Drop, you just select the folder or file you would like to queue, drop it right onto the Play List, and double click on the song you'd like to play.

Automatically saves Singer History.   Search on a singer's name, double-click their favorite song, and it will be queued in the Play List.

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In order to use Debs Pro Karaoke Player, you must first have Winamp and a MP3+G Plug-in installed on your computer.   You can download a free version of Winamp from     Winamp

You can download the MP3+G Plug-in for Winamp from     Phy Systeme MP3+G Plugin

One of the features of Debs Pro Karaoke Player is a Key Changer.  To use this functionality, you can download the Pacemaker Plug-in

Visit the Register Software link to purchase and activate Debs Pro Karaoke Player.   Standard Single-User License $39.99 USD.   Debs Pro Karaoke Player is available with a Trial Version.

Download Version 1.5.3   

Version 1.5.3 requires Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7).

With Full Trial Version Available!


Download Debs Pro Karaoke Player v1.5.3

Great news!!

Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2 is being released July 30, 2017.

**    If updating to Version 1.5 from a previous version, visit Debs Software Forum for the Help Post titled 'Updating to Version 1.5'    **

Download & Install the newest update.  Check the Update History!