The Gateway151 File-2-Folder is a free tool which allows you to organize Karaoke Zip Files into folders.

This tool can literally save you hours of grouping Karaoke Zip Files! You can move the contents of a Source Folder to a Destination Folder.  The files within the Source Folder will be foldered into the Destination Folder according to their song number or artist.

The Gateway151 File-2-Folder is a very quick and powerful way to group your Karaoke Zip Files!

However, be sure you understand how the program works before using it on multiple folders.  There is no undo!  I suggest creating a test folder and adding a few files to help you get the hang of it.  There is a Help document located in the program's Menu which provides futher details.

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To use the File-2-Folder, simply select the source folder that contains the files you'd like to organize, select the destination folder you'd like the organized files to be copied to, select any additional options from the menu, and click the Start button.


You have a folder called Downloads.  In this folder you have three files described below.  Open the File-2-Folder program.  Select the Downloads folder as your source directory, and the Downloads folder again as your destination directory.  Click Start.

This tool will create a new folder called SC8202 in the destination directory and copy three Karaoke Zip Files into it.  In this example our destination was the Downloads folder.  The new folder SC8202 was created to group the files beginning with SC8202.

File:    SC8202-02 - Rip Cords - Hey Little
File:    SC8202-03 - Hondells - Little
File:    SC8202-04 - Ides Of March, The -

Download the latest FREE version, updated on May 13, 2007.

Download Gateway151 File-2-Folder v1.1

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