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Debs Karaoke Renamer and File2Folder are free tools provided by Debs Software.  No license or activation key is required.

The Gateway151 Karaoke Zip Player is a free program provided by Debs Software.  No license or activation key is required.

Debs Pro Karaoke Player license allows you to use the program on your personal computer.

Activation required:

The first time you run Debs Pro Karaoke Player on your computer, a Product Activation Id will be generated.  Follow the Steps to Locate the Activation Id.  This Activation Id is specific to your computer.  Be sure you install the program on the machine you will be using to run your shows.

After purchasing Debs Pro Karaoke Player, return to Register Software and follow the Steps to Activate Program.  This Activation Key file will be sent to you via email once your payment is processed.  Once your payment has been confirmed, you should receive an Activation Key within 12 hours.

The Trial Version is available for you to download and install Debs Pro Karaoke Player prior to making a purchase.  No refunds will be made once you have received your Activation Key file.

Great news !!

Debs Pro Karaoke Player 2 is being release July 30, 2017.

The Version 1.5.3 requires Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7).

Please ensure you have JRE7 installed on your system before purchasing Debs Pro Karaoke Player.

Pay Fast With PayPal.

Select the PayPay button to purchase Debs Pro Karaoke Player.

Standard Single-User License $39.99 USD.

You will be transfered to the PayPal Webiste where you can log into your PayPal Account, or select the Don't have a PayPal Account and pay by Credit or Debit Card.

General Terms of Use:

Our prices cover a Single-User License.  Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation prompting you to email us your Activation Id, if you haven't done so already.  The Activation Key file is required to run Debs Pro Karaoke Player.

If you have any problems installing, purchasing or activating the software, please visit our Contact Us page and send an email to

Steps to Activate Program:

  • Purchase a license using the PayPal link.
  • Download and install the Pro Karaoke Player.
  • Send an email to   with the Product Activation Id.
  • The Activation Key Code will be delivered via email once your payment has been processed.  
  • If you do not receive your Activation Key within 12 hours, please send an email to  

  • Steps to Locate the Activation Id:

  • Run the Pro Karaoke Player.
  • Select Activate ...  from the Help Menu.
  • Right click in the Activation Id field to copy the Id to the Clipboard.
  • Select the Register button to return to Register Software.
  • Follow the Steps to Activate Program.

  • Replacing your Activation Key File:

    Make a backup copy of your Activation Key file.  For a replacement Activation Key file, please forward emails to with the subject 'Replace Activation Key File' and include the Program Activation Id.  

    Upgrade Policy:

    No future updates are scheduled for versions of Debs Pro Karaoke Player

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